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Insulation shells
for self-assembly.

Tmax-Integral insulation can fulfil the most demanding requirements. It doesn’t just reduce the temperature in the engine space and protect sensitive components.
The ability to also maintain system temperature significantly increases the operating efficiency of turbochargers, catalytic converters, diesel particle filters, and other performance-critical components.

The insulation system comprises outer shells of stainless steel fitted on the internal surface with a fiber-insulating material. The edges of the shells are fixed firmly together with a folded seam. The latest embossing tooling can produce the material in every imaginable shape, while still guaranteeing flexibility and the precise fit of the in- sulation fibre itself. The thin material thicknesses reduce additional weight to an absolute minimum.

If you have an idea for a particular geometric shape,
we can produce it.

Technically advanced embossing and shaping technologies mean that the insulation shells can be an exact fit onto the basic component. This means the highest quality insulation system, tailor-made to your requirements.

Insulation on the production line
let’s show you what that means.

There you have it!
The benefits of Tmax-Integral S.

Insulation was never so cost-effective.

Apart from the outstanding quality of the insulation itself, there are convincing economic and ecological reasons for insulating your basic components with Tmax-Integral S.

Logistics Costs


43% lower logistics costs

With no shipping of basic components to us, packing, transport costs, and quality control costs are saved. Planning and time involved are reduced to a minimum.

Insurance Costs


95% lower insurance premiums

Every transport stage constitutes a risk, and basic components not in transit don’t need to be insured.

Tied-up Capital


50% reduction in tied-up capital
of basic components

We reduce capital tied up in basic components, thereby increasing liquidity.

CO2 Emission


87% lower CO2 emission

Tmax-Integral S reduces emissions even before installation: heavy basic components don’t need to be shipped twice, and the significantly lighter and more compact insulation only once, meaning a much reduced ecological footprint.

Manufacturing Costs


20% lower manufacturing costs

If in-house insulation is done in a country with low manufacturing costs, such as China for example, overall process costs will be much reduced.

The figures speak for themselves.
And us.

With Tmax-Integral Insulation


With Tmax-Integral S

25% Savings

Realization of all the potential for reducing costs could save you up to 25%! Added competitiveness, flexibility with your customers, and added value in your organization -- all thankS to Thermamax!

Insulating was never so easy: Tmax-Integral S.


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